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Cranberry Township, through our municipal solid waste program called Collection Connection, provides weekly curbside trash and recycling collection services to the majority of homes within the Township. Yard waste services are also offered weekly (March-December) and two weeks are set aside in January for Christmas tree pickup.  

Program Highlights

TC Recycling LLC Provides Local Services for Hard-To-Recycle Items

TC Recycling is a recycling and refuse disposal station located in Mars (Adams Township) and is part of the Vogel family of businesses.

The center is open to the public and accepts trash and hard-to-recycle items. The convenience center is good for occasions in which there is more garbage than a refuse bin can handle, or to get rid of items such as hazardous electronic-waste, oil and latex paint.

Additionally, a recycling container is available at the main entrance for local residents to use at no charge. There, residents can drop off cardboard; HDPE and PET plastics; and aluminum, steel and bi-metal cans.

The center also accepts e-waste, including unbroken televisions and monitors, computers and laptops, printers and computer peripherals; oil; antifreeze; latex paint; and tires, either on or off the rim. Those items must be kept separate from the rest of the load, and additional fees apply.

TC Recycling
Public Drop-Off Hours: Monday - Friday, 7 AM - 3 PM and Saturdays, 7 AM - 11 AM.
Location: TC Recycling, 126 Hutchman Road, Mars, PA. 16046.
Phone: 724-625-9000
Website: TC Recycling  Check the website for additional information.

Cardboard Compactor at the Municipal Center

The Township’s commercial-strength cardboard compactor is capable of handling large volumes of residential cardboard carton waste. Located at the Municipal Center, the always popular, self-service machine is intended for Township resident use only.

  • Don't leave boxes on ground. Wet or piled-up boxes can leave a mess. Please put all boxes inside the compactor.
  • Break down boxes before compacting. Insert flat pieces of cardboard/flattened boxes into open slot.
  • The compactor is for cardboard only. NO trash. NO styrofoam. NO packing peanuts. NO packing materials.
  • Press the green button after loading cardboard to start compaction.

A camera monitors the compactor’s use. If the compactor is down, please contact Public Works at 724-776-4806 ext. 1005.

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Holiday Schedule

No collections are made when these holidays occur on a weekday: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

There is no schedule change if the holiday falls on a weekend, regardless of when the holiday is observed.

If your collection day is:
ON OR AFTER a weekday holiday, your collection will be 1 day later.
BEFORE a weekday holiday, there will be no change in your pick up.

Annual Collection Calendar

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