Stormwater Management 


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Stormwater Rate Appeal Form

Stormwater Management

The Cranberry Township General Authority, formed in 2014 to undertake capital projects on behalf of the Township, imposed a Stormwater Utility Rate on all developed real estate in Cranberry starting January 1, 2020.

Proceeds from the rate, which will be collected by the Township through its monthly water/sewer/trash bills, will be used to maintain and enhance Cranberry’s stormwater handling resources, as required by state and federal law.

Options for Stormwater Rate Payments

The rate will help address increased stormwater requirements from the U.S. EPA and the PA Department of Environmental Protection. The line-item on sewer, water and trash bills will cost a single-family home $3 per month.

Stormwater-only customers have the option of pre-paying the stormwater rate for the entire year. In addition, all customers, are offered a $1 per month credit on their total utility bill for using e-billing and autopay.

This can be done by contacting Customer Service, Ph: 724-776-4806. Failure to pay the stormwater rate could ultimately result in a lien placed on the property.

Stormwater Management in Cranberry

Cranberry’s current stormwater management system is extensive.  Parts of it are privately owned, other parts are municipal property.  All property owners are required to keep their stormwater facilities in working order at their own expense.  Cranberry currently spends over a million dollars a year to maintain its portions of that system. Until recently, Cranberry financed its stormwater system and flood control maintenance from general tax revenues.  However, with the state’s updated regulations, that expense has grown.

Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection has issued a series of updated regulations designed to reduce water pollution and protect property against flooding from stormwater. Those regulations must be implemented by 2023.

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The Board of Supervisors created the General Authority to take advantage of programs and funding opportunities offered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to municipal authorities that assist in implementing municipal services and other activities permitted by the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Act.

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