Building and Zoning Codes

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Cranberry Township has a new procedure for scheduling inspections.

All inspections will be scheduled through our Online Inspection Scheduling system. This system allows you to schedule inspections 24/7. 

Inspections must be scheduled by 3:30 PM the day before the inspection is needed, or by 3:30 PM on the last business day of the week, if requesting a Monday inspection.

Using the Online Inspection Scheduling button on the right, please provide all requested information and check the box or boxes corresponding with the type of inspection needed.  

Multiple inspection types can be requested for the same time.

Our inspectors try to accommodate specific time requests for concrete pours. Please add the pour time in the notes section.

The Township is accepting building permit applications. For the health and safety of our employees, all inspections will be performed while maintaining proper social distancing. We ask that the inspection site be cleared prior to the inspector’s arrival. Our inspectors will call the requesting contractor prior to arrival to make sure the area is safe to enter. 

Non-residential building permit applications are required to be electronically submitted

To continue to practice social distancing, Township staff will make contact with all applicants for a payment and make arrangements for you to receive the documents needed for the project. Our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible with the least amount of contact with all parties as possible. 

Please email files or a drop box link. You will receive a confirmation email once the files have been received.


Submissions must include the following separate files:

  1. Completed permit application.  If a review fee is due, a customer service representative will be in contact to take payment over the phone.
  2. Copy of the contractor’s worker’s compensation certificate.
  3. Permit drawings.
  4. Cut sheets and/or job manuals (if applicable).
  5. Copy of your survey showing the location of the proposed structure.
  6. Payment for building permits will be taken when we resume business.

Residential building permit applications should be submitted via any of the following means:

ALERT!  Our application fees have changed as of October 30, 2020. Please be sure you have the updated fees from Resolution No. 2020-59.

Building & Zoning Resources

Residential Permits  Most construction projects require a building permit
Non-Residential  We have permit packages for commercial buildings, zoning approvals, tenant build-outs and renovations
Code of Ordinances  This is the fee schedule for inspections, technical reviews, utility services, rentals, permits and application approvals
Fire Prevention  Fire Alarms, sprinkler systems, hood systems and testing; plus, false alarms and false alarm fees
Monthly summary issued permits for Residential and Non-Residential construction 
Signs  Exterior signage is regulated by the Township’s zoning ordinance
Building/Fire Codes Appeals Board  Before filing a variance request, please contact Planning & Development Services
Zoning Hearing Board  Before filing a variance request, please contact Planning & Development Services
Sidewalk Maintenance Ordinance  Sidewalks are the responsibility of each property owner. In the warmer months, keep sidewalks clear of debris, such as bush and tree limbs. During the winter, snow and ice removal is the responsibility of each resident and business whose properties abut those sidewalks.Questions: Ph: 724-776-4806 x 1153.