Business Parks

Thomson Business Park

As a developer of both commercial and residential properties, Alfred E. Thomson III didn’t select sites for his building projects based on where the market happened to be at the time. Instead, he chose them because of where the market appeared to be going. And in 1989, he purchased land in Cranberry Township. Today the company has four commercial buildings with a combination of warehouse and office space, at the busy intersection of Executive Drive and Rochester Rd..  Learn more about Thomson Business Park

Thorn Hill Industrial Park: From Workhouse to Workplace

Ask any lifelong resident of a certain age, and they’ll tell you about Thorn Hill. It was a reform school - a correctional institution for boys under 16 sentenced by Juvenile Court to be straightened out and trained in useful skills. It was what boys in the Pittsburgh area were solemnly warned would be their fate unless they stopped doing whatever it was they were doing.  Learn more, Thorn Hill Industrial Park

Cranberry Woods Business Park is choosy about its tenants

If it weren’t for the astonishing short-sightedness of local leaders elsewhere in the area, Cranberry Woods - now the region’s premier office park - would probably have been built somewhere else. Learn more, Cranberry Woods Business Park

In Cranberry Business Park, there's no end to the speculation

Some commercial buildings - supermarkets, big box stores and hotels, as well as a few major corporate buildings like the Westinghouse Cranberry Woods headquarters - are built to order. Others are built on speculation - in the hope that prospects will find the space to their liking and decide to move in. Learn more, Cranberry Business Park

Cranberry Corporate Center, at the corner of Main and Main

At first glance, it can be hard to tell which of the six single-story buildings along Executive Drive belong to Cranberry Corporate Center. After all, they were built over a 15-year period, with different architectural features, they sit side-by-side with independently-owned buildings, and one of them - the Cranberry Post Office - has a paint scheme unlike any of the others. Learn more, Cranberry Corporate Center

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Finding Yourself in Cranberry

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