Rules for CTPA Members

Membership Cards

  • All CTPA members must have a valid CTPA membership card. Display cards (photo side out). As membership grows, we must be sure all people playing at CTPA times are members. If someone is not a member, please politely ask them to leave or report them to Parks & Recreation or a CTPA volunteer who may be at the courts. 
  • Membership cards must be displayed on the fence post dividing the two courts. All four cards must be displayed separately on the four hooks associated with the court for all play formats.
  • You will queue to play next with your membership cards during CTPA times on the designated queueing racks for Your Four Play. 
Membership cards cannot be loaned to non-CTPA or CTPA players who forget their card.
  • If this occurs, the member of the loaned card, and the person using it will forfeit membership for 6 months without a refund; and they cannot play during CTPA hours for 6 months. 
  • If a foursome in YFP, plays with a member who is not using their own membership card, all four members will forfeit their membership for 6 months.  
  • Members or guests using fake or expired guest passes will be subjected to the same penalty.
There is a $20 fee to replace a membership card. If you find a card, please notify the member directly, drop it in the locked mailbox (installed by May 1) or take the card to the Cranberry Township Parks & Recreation Customer Service desk in the Municipal Center.
Pickleball love
All members are expected to bring their own outdoor pickleball for play The type of ball to be used  may be determined by the group as a whole, to have consistent play between members of that rated group. Pickleballs will be supplied for Ladder Play and other fee base play.   The ball we use is a Franklin X-40.

Sportsmanship & Etiquette

  • As a CTPA member you are helping to expand pickleball in our area as your membership fee will help pay off the court debt and allow us to expand to additional courts in the future. Please respect each member knowing our objective are the same.  Please report a person who does not behave in the manner appropriate of a CTPA member to Cranberry Parks & Recreation or a CTPA committee member or level coordinator.  
  • Please keep the area around the courts and SportCourts area litter free. Deposit your trash appropriately or take home with you.  
  • Do not put bags and coats on the benches but rather lean them  next or hang them on the fence.  Have your membership card displayed and facing out on your bags so they can be inspected.   
  • Folding chairs cannot be placed on the court surface. Chairs must be placed on the concrete or grass outside the court fence. Please make sure chairs do not block the passage of people between courts.
  • Alcohol is not permitted at the courts or in the park.
  • Smoking is not permitted on or around the courts.

Guest Passes

See member section for details on guest pass


We recommend that you do not play on the courts when they are wet. We also recommend proper eye protection, stretching prior to your game and the wearing of proper clothing and shoes for pickleball. CTPA, nor Cranberry Township, assume any liability for injury or damages as a result of pickleball play.

Questions?  Please contact