Winter Road Care: Snow and Ice Removal

Avoid travel if possible during a snow event so crews can efficiently clear roads. Please keep roadways clear of parked vehicles for emergency access, snow removal, and trash collection. Also, please keep sidewalks clear of snow & ice within 48 hours of the snow event.

State Roads Maintained by PennDOT:

  • Route 19
  • PA Turnpike
  • I-79
  • Route 228
  • Rochester Road 
  • Glen Eden Road
  • Freedom Road
  • Franklin Road
  • Callery Road
  • Plains Church Road
  • Rowan Road

Visit traffic delay warnings, weather forecasts and traffic speed information.

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Volunteer to assist elderly or disabled residents in Cranberry with snow removal:

2022-2023 Winter Statistics

2022-2023 Winter Stats

web StateStreetOwnership Nov 2019 Opens in new windowContact: PennDOT District 10, Ph: 724-284-8800
with concerns related to roads maintained by PennDOT

Review the map of state-owned roadways, maintained by PennDOT

PennDOT maintained roads include:

Rt. 19, PA Turnpike, I-79, Rochester Rd., Rt. 228, Glen Eden Rd., Freedom Rd., Franklin Rd., Callery Rd., and Plains Church Rd.

Hey, PennDOT, where's my plow?

PennDOT’s  plow trucks are equipped with Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) systems, which use in-truck technology to log and share data in real-time for that truck.    

The routes of these interstate and expressway trucks can be viewed in real-time at

At the top of the 511 PA page, select a region; and on the left, check "PennDOT Plow Trucks"   

The AVL unit in each truck sends a cellular signal through the system showing where a truck is located and whether or how much material is being spread from the truck.

PennDOT uses AVL to:

  • Monitor vehicle movement and plow-route coverage;
  • Monitor the system during winter storms or emergencies and, if needed, see the closest truck to an area that needs additional service and direct trucks to that location;
  • Review data on effectiveness in returning traffic to pre-storm conditions;
  • Review usage of materials such as salt and anti-skid through the various stages of a weather event; and
  • Interface with other department technology to combine real-time weather and road conditions with corresponding material-usage rates.

Privately Maintained Roadways

Residential roadways  
Amarth Lane
Anderson Road
Arbor Trail
Arcadia Court
Ashford Manor
Berkley Manor
Black Bear Drive
Brandt Drive
Brixton Lane
Camden Lane
Captain Lee Boss Way
Central Drive, beyond Ten Pointe Lane
Century Blvd. 
Chatham Commons
Clerkenwell Lane
Coltsfoot Lane
Commerce Park Drive
Coolsprings Drive
Coriander Lane
Courage Lane
Cranberry Pointe Lane
Cranberry Village Mobile Home Park
Cranberry Woods
Dandelion Lane
David Hill Drive
Dorsch Drive
East Commons Drive
Eden Square Apartments
Feltham Lane
Finchley Circle
Florida Blvd.
Forest Park Mobile Home Park
Foxmoor Plan
Friendship Lane
Gander Lane

Gulch Lane
Hackney Lane
Harvest Drive
Haven at Cranberry Woods
Highgate Lane
Hillcrest Terrace
Holiday Drive
Hollyhock Lane
Landis Avenue
Laporte Court
Laurelwood Apartment Complex
Linehan Place
Little Pine Road
Longtree Way
Manor Road
Meridian Lane
Mews Lane
Norberry Court
Norman Drive
Oak Springs Mobile Home Park
Peckham Lane
Pioneer Drive
Romford Lane
Sutton Lane
The Reserve at Eagle Hill
Thistle Lane
Thornapple Lane
Trafalgar Square
Truth Lane
Twickerham Lane
Victory Drive
Village of Cranberry Woods
Walnut Lane
Waterlily Lane
Weigand Drive

Cranberry Township Public Works Department
We are prepared for the winter season. Each fall, materials are ordered, equipment is tested and calibrated; driver's routes are reviewed, and workers receive training in proper winter maintenance techniques. Our goal is to ensure that Township roadways are safe for residents, visitors, and business owners. Snow and Ice Removal Plan  and  Winter Service Agreements 

  • * Maintains 132 miles of Township Roads.
  • Maintains 320 Cul-de-sacs
  • Our storage shed holds 6,500 tons of material. 
  • Current costs per ton of rock salt are $70.93 from SHACOG and $76.20 from COSTARS both being joint purchasing programs.
  • Township uses an average of 4,800 tons of per year.
  • 23 drivers are available for maintenance.
  • 20 medium and heavy duty trucks with plows are available for maintenance.
  • Anti-skid & liquid de-icers (salt brine and magnesium chloride) are used as pre-wetting agents.
  • The Township's salt brine-making unit is capable of making 3,500 gallons per hour.
  • Throughout the Township, there are 32.08 miles of privately maintained roads (see above); 24.76 miles maintained by PennDOT (see above); and 21.84 miles of interstate roadway and ramps.  

Mistakes happen... Mailboxes and Snow Removal

Each year the Township schedules a preliminary run of Snow Routes to identify obstacles and areas of concern for truck operators. This allows our truck operators to identify mailboxes that stand in the way of the snow plow. Postcards are mailed annually to residents to alert them to the potential problem.

Cranberry Township repairs or replaces only a mailbox and/or post that is actually struck by the plow blade; according to adopted Snow and Ice Control Plan Section I.B.7. Usually a paint mark or truck tire tracks supply evidence of a mailbox strike.

Cranberry Township does not repair or replace mailboxes and/or posts that fall from the force of plowed snow.

Mailboxes and supporting posts must be installed to withstand the rigors of snow removal, including the force of snow pushed from the street onto the roadside.

Contact Customer Service at 724-776-4806 Option 3 to report a plow damaged mailbox. A Public Works representative will investigate.