North Boundary Pedestrian Info

In Pennsylvania, drivers must yield to pedestrians crossing in a crosswalk. According to information from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, pedestrians should not walk or run unexpectedly into the path of a moving vehicle, nor should they assume drivers will see or yield. Pedestrians should look left, right, and left again before stepping out.

Tips for PedestriansNorth Boundary Pedestrian Signal - 08-23-2022 (7)

  • Cross only at crosswalks. Don’t cross between parked cars.
  • Look left, right then left again and keep looking.
  • Wait for a gap in traffic, then step one foot off the curb or fully enter crosswalk and make eye contact with approaching drivers.
  • Always obey traffic signs and signals especially pedestrian count down timers.
  • See and be seen. Wear bright clothing during the day and reflective materials or carry a flashlight at night.
  • Watch for turning vehicles at intersections.
  • Watch children, as they can’t judge a vehicle’s speed and distance and need the help of an adult to be safe.
  • On streets with multiple lanes in each direction, be aware of what drivers in both near lanes are doing.
  • If no sidewalk is available, walk as far on the side of the road as possible and always walk against traffic.
  • Always be aware of surroundings and never get distracted.

Tips for MotoristsNorth Boundary Pedestrian Signal - 08-23-2022 (6)

  • Slow down when approaching a crosswalk or intersection. Watch for pedestrians and be prepared to yield to them.
  • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks – the law requires motorists to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks at signalized and non-signalized intersections.
  • Travel at a prudent speed. Don’t try to beat the light.
  • Watch for mid-block crosswalks. Pedestrians have the right-of-way in mid-block crosswalks, so yield to them.
  • Expect the unexpected – look out for children who may dart out between cars or buses or cross mid-block without a crosswalk.
  • Drivers on streets with multiple lanes in each direction should be aware that pedestrians may be crossing all lanes.