Resolve High Water or Sewer Bills

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Identifying Reasons for High Bills

A change in your water usage pattern can be the most common reason for high water consumption.  Visiting friends and family, children home from school, new appliances, regular watering of your lawn or garden, outdoor car washing or power washing, even running the humidifier attached to your furnace can substantially affect your bill. 

Learn more about water conservation

A leak on your side of the water meter. Many households will have some kind of plumbing leak which can waste a surprising amount of water.  Learn about the costs of water loss  

Dispute a high bill, due to a leak

We make the following resources available to residents and businesses to determine whether an adjustment is warranted:

Rereads. We will automatically reread water meters that show a significant increase in water consumption since the last reading to ensure that no human error was made. The reread occurs before water bills are sent out to customers.

Leak adjustment policy. We will adjust customers’ accounts for water leaks when provided proof — such as a receipt from a plumber — that repairs were made promptly after a leak was first identified. Learn how to apply for a leak adjustment. 

Monitor water usage. Water customers can monitor and control their water by using the free Water Meter Portal feature. The tool is designed to give residents the option to better manage their water consumption. The portal provides insights into water usage on a daily or weekly basis. Create a Water Meter Portal Account.