Standard Actions for Emergency Response (SAFER)

web SAFER logo Feb 2019“To provide our best response to their worst day, on our worst day”

We must live up to our oath – to save lives and protect property.  This is the expectation our customers, our communities, and our families have of our service – the public trust must never be broken.  

Therefore, through collaborative efforts of five department from southwestern Butler County, we are working to promote and increase the safety and abilities of all through unified operations, standardized training and reality-based response coverage.

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Evans City
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Cranberry Twp

Contact SAFER
724-776-6130 x 1800
20727 Rt. 19 Ste. 21
Cranberry Township, PA 16066

Chiefs SAFER Group

Service Areas
 Adams –  Mars, Valencia and Seven Fields Boroughs; and Adams Township.

Evans City –  Evans City Borough and Forward Township.

Harmony –  Harmony and Zelienople Boroughs; Jackson and Lancaster Townships.

Cranberry – Cranberry Township.

Callery –  Callery Borough and Adams Township.

PSFA Field Reduction of Contaminants Policy

Review the Policy here

Purpose: Provide guidance on the reduction of contaminant exposure from hazardous or live fire by-products during training or certification tests.

Scope: This policy applies to all personnel who are directly involved or may become involved in training or certification tests where exposure to hazardous or by-products stemming from live fire exist. This includes but is not limited to instructional staff, students, certification candidates, evaluators, and support staff.

SAFER Operating Guidelines
Review the Guidelines here

During the first quarter of 2017, several Butler County Fire Departments banded together to make structural fires safer for their residents and firefighters. The Fire Chiefs of Adams Area, Callery Borough, Cranberry Township, Evans City Area, and Harmony Fire District sat down and laid out a multi-agency response plan that puts their best product on the street, every time there is a fire. The group calls themselves the SAFER-Group (Standard Actions For Emergency Response). The goal of the group is to “provide our best response, on our worst day, on their worst day.” For years, we have focused on how much we can provide at all times of the day. However, the times have changed and so must we. The nationwide shortage of volunteers is being felt across the local area and we need to shift our focus from what we wish we could provide to what we realistically can provide. By identifying this, we can build a response model that can ensure we adequately cover the bases for high-risk situations throughout their collective response area. 

To begin this important initiative, the Chiefs ran through a series of exercises that assisted them in developing a strategic plan. From there, the group quickly worked through Standard Operating Guidelines (SOG’s) that address individual responses, accountability, apparatus duties, and firefighter rescue (FAST, RIT, & Mayday). The plans consider all types of structures, from single family homes to large commercial occupancies. They are developed so an incident commander, and the firefighters, can systematically work through a simple small or complex large incident by following the plan that is laid out in the SOG. The SAFER-Group is currently working on training their members and looking at standard equipment to be carried on fire apparatus, their SOG’s will be implemented on September 1, 2017 across all five respective departments. 

Collaborative groups like this have been successfully implemented across the nation and have yielded positive results, we expect the same outcome from our local efforts.

The official document containing all SOG’s was released at Cranberry Township's Fire Training Facility at on May 1, 2017. The State Fire Commissioner will be on site to provide his insight into this joint project.