Canvasing, Soliciting, and Selling

A license pursuant to Section 13-201 and 13-202 of the Code of Ordinances is required for all Applicants who wish to sell or offer for sale any goods, commodities, or services, or to solicit funds or donations of any kind on public property or by going from house to house for such purposes.  

Please review the the following information on soliciting and peddling before you begin.

Photo LicenseThis is a sample solicitation license badge that a solicitor is to wear.

  • Applicants must complete an application provided by the Township.  An application must be completed and submitted to the Cranberry Township Police Department, 2525 Rochester Road, Suite 500, Cranberry Township PA 16066, prior to the start of peddling and soliciting activities.
  • Applicants must pay a licensing fee at the time the license is issued.  Fees are set from time to time in the Cranberry Township Fee Resolution.
  • Licensees must not enter on private property that is marked with no solicitation signs.
  • Licensees must not enter on private property that is on the Do Not Knock list for the purpose of selling goods, commodities, or services.
  • Licensees must not engage in criminal activity, harassment or mischievous activities that negatively impacts residents.
  • Licensees must not violate Chapter 13, Part 2, or these regulations, including the stated times during which peddling and soliciting activities may take place.
  • Licensees must clearly display the identification badge provided at the time of licensing. Lost badges will be replaced at cost.
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